Numbing – Part 1

Numbing is like leprosy  – it is not dangerous in itself.  Leprosy numbs your appendages, PTSD numbing  numbs your heart and mind.  The danger comes when a numbed appendage gets injured and doesn’t feel the pain.  Infection sets in, and the person with the injury doesn’t know about it.  That’s what happens to someone with PTSD numbing. You don’t recognize when your relationships are on life support.  You don’t recognize when you are on life support.  What parts of your life have fallen away while you weren’t looking?  What parts do you want or need to reclaim?   How has numbing interfered with your life?  Do you live with someone who is so numbed out you can’t connect?  There are a lot of us out here.   Talk to us.  You are not alone.





I'm Kim, and I am a licensed trauma therapist working in Fayetteville, NC. I'm prior active duty, and grew up in a military family. I play keys in a band, play practical jokes, and feel enormously privileged to write for this blog.

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