Numbing Part 2

“Time to move on. I just don’t feel anything for you anymore.” Have you said this to your significant one after deployment? Numbing, one of the primary symptoms of PTSD, causes those who suffer from it to lose connectedness with those they love. If you feel nothing, which is what happens during numbing, then your relationships lose their sustaining power to heal you. Your spouse cannot help because you feel nothing, and she knows it. She gets injured in her spirit because she has lost her connection with you, and all that sustains your relationship with her is your anger, distance, and nightmares. Research shows that one of THE MOST healing acts of recovery from PTSD is the relationships you have 1) with your battle buddies and 2) with your family – husbands, wives, children, and parents. Yet, those relationships are often the ones most at risk for damage. “They can’t possibly understand. They weren’t there. How can I show my mom the monster I turned in to.” Have you heard those things in your head? They aren’t the truth, just like your feeling are not necessarily the truth.  What’s happening with you?  Reach out.  We are here.  You do not walk alone.  ~Kay




I'm Kim, and I am a licensed trauma therapist working in Fayetteville, NC. I'm prior active duty, and grew up in a military family. I play keys in a band, play practical jokes, and feel enormously privileged to write for this blog.

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