BAM!! Your Healed

I have worked with a lot of people that before they continue talking to me they want to know exactly how long it will take for them to be healed. The conversation always goes something like this….

Me- Okay, I would like to see you again next week so we can get started on your treatment plan.

Client- Okay wonderful, before I go though can you please tell me how long this is going to take.

Me- How long is what going to take?

Client- How long it will take before I am healed. It’s just that I have a lot going on and would really like to be fixed.

The truth of the matter is that therapy really doesn’t work like that. You see, for therapy to work you have to have a capable therapist (Blogger Jane will be talking about this) as well as a client that is open and willing to do the work. I wish that we could sit back and say, go to a therapist and in about 3 months you will be all fixed up and back to your normal self but this is not realistic at all. If you have never been to a capable therapist let me tell you exactly what a therapist does. I know that for many people when they think therapist, they automatically think of the Freudian type therapists that have their clients lie on a couch while they sit and take notes.

Although there are a few therapists that still practice like this many modern day therapists do not. A therapist does not give advice, so if you are looking for someone to tell you what you should do you will be very disappointed. A therapist is a professional trained to help you decipher your situation past and present, and helps you come to your own decisions while providing you with the necessary tools and techniques that will help you get there. There is no time stamp on how long it will take for you to get better. Some clients can go a few months without a breakthrough while more complex cases can take several years. No two people in the world are the same because no two people will experience all of the same things or be in the same situations. While one person can experience trauma and be fine another can experience a similar event and breakdown.

One person’s trauma cannot be compared or gauged to another’s, and how one person reacts to a trauma does not make them any weaker or stronger than someone else who reacts differently. The point to all this is that if you are willing to do the work than therapy can help. However, for therapy to work you must be patient because therapy is not a quick fix. Regardless of what you have heard, you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed you just need to heal. So be patient, work with your therapist and don’t rush the process.





I graduated high school at 16 and joined the Army as soon as I turned 17, Both of my parents were In the Marine Corps so I knew I wanted to serve. During my last year in the Army, the attack on September 11 occurred and my job kept me in Germany, but a few good friends were able to volunteer. One good friend hung himself while deployed and the rest who returned were nothing close to the guys I used to know. I left the Army in 2003 and have finished all the required classes to receive my Masters in mental health counseling. I am just finishing up my last 3 months required for licensure as an LPC. I deal with trauma, helper’s burnout, sexual trauma, depression, and forensic psychology that brings together mental health and the law.

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