“Being in distress does not mean you’re weak. It does not mean you’ve failed. It means you’re being overrun and need help. There is no shame in needing help.”

We have battles throughout the world fighting in many different places and in many different ways. An often overlooked fight is raging within the heads and hearts of our brothers and sisters and they desperately need assistance. They are fighting mental health, physical health, relationship, financial, and other problems including the mundane daily tasks that conspire to overwhelm us all. They are not weak, they are not failures, they simply need a battle to cover their six while they resupply and prepare for a fight.

Battle In Distress, Inc. is founded upon the idea that our battles are in a forward operating base (FOB) and are currently being overrun. The enemy is diverse and multi-faceted, with techniques that vary from full-frontal assaults to slow-moving cancers which are able to bend even the strongest of our peers. We strive to act as their quick reaction force (QRF) and to respond quickly to secure the perimeter before calling in secondary response to attack the bigger issues.

Military service is many things to many people, one of the strongest rewards one earns for service to our country is entrance into the Brotherhood. Within the Brotherhood, we believe in supporting our battles. We will not let a battle suffer in silence and alone. All we need is a request for assistance to respond in force with nation-wide resources at our disposal.

Battle in Distress Tier System

Battle in Distress uses a 3 tier system to respond. we have listed this system below.

1. Tier 1 (Battles) is the most important and vital part of the 3 Tier process.  This is where the “Battle QRF” is set into motion to assist the BID.  Once the Battle Captain has the information into the icarol system it will generate a number of BOG personnel with similar backgrounds for the BID to have as a resource.  The Battle Captain in the Lead will send out the call to those in that area of the BID, the first one to respond will make contact with the BID and assess the situation.  Battle Captains are monitoring and the Tech is gathering the conversation and taking cues to find the type of resources that the BID may need.

2. Tier 2 (Resilience, Positive Affirmation, LE/PD) is where we have the possible BOG in the event LE or the BID Inc. nation is needed to be notified and unite in support of the mission.  This is the point where the assessment as been made of the type of guidance and assistance the BID needs.  Master Resilience Skills (MRT) or Crisis Intervention Skills are utilized at this point from the Battle Captain to the BID or with the volunteer that is talking with the BID if said volunteer is already qualified.  There will be a checklist that will be followed to assess the situation to accomplish the above requirements.  More information is being added to the record and the file is being built on the BID so that all the information is data based.

3. Tier 3 (Existing Resources) is the resource phase where the Battalion Captain then gives the BID known resources whether it be therapy, VA or what have you that have been vetted by the Outreach team of BID Inc. for reliance and availability.  The Battle Captain will also turn over other volunteers in the BID’s area so that he can have a support group to talk to that is in his area and fits his requirements.  Follow up will be with the resource we handed them over to and along with the volunteers the BID now has as a support system. But as part of what we do and why we differ from other organizations is that we have the resource (that is up to speed on BID and the specifics of their needs) make contact with the BID after the introduction and passing of the credential from the previous Tier is made. ”

It is our belief that attacking the problems confronting our service members early will effectively banish soldier suicide from our vocabulary. Those seemingly small problems add up over time and eventually consume every waking moment for our battles. The pressure to adjust to life outside of a war zone and away from the camaraderie and brotherhood of service can leave a person feeling lost and alone. We will not allow our battles to suffer in silence and solitude.

“We are your battles.
We have your back.
You don’t walk alone.”