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The success of their first interaction with a “Battle In Distress” (BID) spurred our Founder and President of the Organization to take the vision it brought about and dedicate himself to ensuring the idea was put into action. Battle In Distress, Inc. is the result, working to ensure nobody within the brotherhood would ever be without help in a crisis. On December 8, 2012, The President & Vice President formed the Crisis Response Team (CRT) to rapidly put in place a professional team to be monitoring 24/7, standing ready to assist brother and sisters in need on ASMDSS’s Facebook Page and Website, until Battle in Distress’s Network and Systems are in place and fully operational.

The CRT embraces one of the core principles that Battle in Distress was envisioned and founded on, the revolutionary use of social media as a powerful tool to assist those in need. Since their first case on December 10, 2012, the CRT has assisted more than 75 BIDs in many situations. Some were actively attempting suicide, some were threatening suicide, some simply needed someone to talk to, and others were assisted by researching and providing information and contacts for needed resources. All were reminded that they are never alone. The CRT experience and successes will be used as a building block for the Battle In Distress Network as it continues to be built.

Most of you have already seen the articles relating to this story, the one that started it all and led us here. Two were published, one on Business Insider and the other by a well known reporting by the name of Michael Yon. For those of you would haven’t seen the articles, get over to their page now and check them out:

Business Insider – Social Media Is Saving Soldiers’ Lives in ways You’d Never Expect

Michael Yon Online – How One Facebook Page Saved A Soldier’s Life

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