Battle in Distress, Inc. was launched to serve as a strong support system to those brave men and women who answered the call, stood up, and served our nation. As we see it, our duty is to ensure that all service members, whether current, former or retired, know that no matter what they may face in their daily lives, they are never alone. All a service member or veteran needs to do is reach out to our organization. We will take the fight from there and provide a three-tiered response system to provide resources suited to the veteran’s needs.

The solution to the problem does not lie within expensive government programs. Military service members hold the solution within themselves. Battle In Distress, Inc. will focus on rallying the brotherhood of service members to its full might in confronting the seemingly minor issues in our veteran’s lives that, if left unchecked, grow into the big problems which result in suicide or other harmful actions.

It is our belief that attacking the problems confronting our service members early will effectively banish soldier suicide from our vocabulary. Those seemingly small problems add up over time and eventually consume every waking moment for our battles. The pressure to adjust to life outside of a war zone and away from the camaraderie and brotherhood of service can leave a person feeling lost and alone. We will not allow our battles to suffer in silence and solitude.

Battle In Distress uses a groundbreaking 3 Tier Response System (Patent Pending) to establish an immediate peer based connection with a Battle In Distress and bridge the gap between those that need assistance and the resources that are standing ready to assist. The core engine of this system is the Battle Response Team (BRT).

We believe we have come up with the “Solution”, that includes leveraging our revolutionary use of social media as a platform to make a huge difference on the front of our Brothers/Sisters/Veterans cry for help. We have a team that is on standby 24/7 made up of Crisis Intervention trained personnel from across the United States to get help to Soldiers/Veterans, and to get them connected with the services/resources they so desperately need. We are able to bring them to resources from Military, to Civilian, to outside providers that are offering their assistance to Veterans. We have helped over 200 Soldiers/Veterans to date with over 61 of those being active suicides we have turned around to become productive people within society again and help other Veterans.

BRT members are currently located throughout the United States with members residing in Japan and Europe. Qualifications for the BRT are extensive and wide-ranging. Qualifications currently consist of:

• Master Resilience Trainers (MRT)
• Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
• Crisis Negotiators
• Crisis Management Team
• Chaplains/Chaplain Assistants
• Crisis Intervention Training
• IT Specialists (Techies)

Battle in Distress’ Battle Response Team (BRT) coordinates and oversees the use of our 3 Tier system to respond. We have listed this system below.

Tier 1 (Battles aka Peers) is the most important and vital part of the 3 Tier process. This is where the “Battle QRF” is set into motion to assist the BID. Once the Battle Captain has the information into the icarol system, they query our database of QRF members to return a list of the most suitable to connect with the BID and establish the initial rapport and “Credential”. We match the QRF members to the BID using specific demographic, geographic and service related criteria identified in initial contact. The Battle Captain in the Lead will send out the recall to those QRF members and the first one to call in is then immediately connected to the BID to engage and start a conversation about what the BID is experiencing. Battle Captains are monitoring and the Tech is gathering the conversation and taking cues to find the type of resources that the BID may need.

Tier 2 (Resilience, Positive Affirmation, LE/Fire/EMS) is where we have the possible need for Boots on the Ground (BOG) in the event LE or the BID Inc. nation is needed to be notified and unite in support of the mission. This is the point where the assessment has been made of the type of guidance and assistance the BID needs. Master Resilience Skills (MRT) or Crisis Intervention Skills are utilized at this point from the Battle Captain to the BID, or with the volunteer that is talking with the BID if said volunteer is already qualified. There will be a checklist that will be followed to assess the situation to accomplish the above requirements. More information is being added to the record and the file is being built on the BID so that all the information is databased.

Tier 3 (Existing Resources) is the resource phase where the Battle Captain then gives the BID information on known resources whether it be therapy, VA or other services that have been vetted by the Outreach team of BID Inc. for reliance and availability. The BRT will convert the roster of the matched Battles from Tier 1 into android/ios contact files compiled into a contact group and push that info to the BID’s phone so they now have a support network already programed. Follow up will be with the resource we handed them over to and along with the volunteers the BID now has as a support system. But as part of what we do and why we differ from other organizations is that we have the resource (that is up to speed on BID and the specifics of their needs) make contact with the BID after the introduction and passing of the credential from the previous Tier is made.

Tier 3 resources are pulled from our databases of the existing agencies, programs, providers, groups, etc. that already are in place across the nation to address and ameliorate any physical, mental, financial, marital or other situation that would cause someone to get into an area of no return, our goal is to stop them before they believe they have no choice. We do this by eliminating barriers to servicemembers and veterans reaching out with our Tier 1 peer-based response, establish a connection and support network, and bring to them the professional services and resources needed.

As with any organization, it takes a large number of people to support the operations of the organization. We have an ongoing need for skilled professionals as well as motivated individuals to assist us in a number of areas such as:

Recruiting/Outreach – We are looking for highly motivated, well spoken, out-going personable individuals to be on the Recruiting/Outreach team that will be in charge of finding local and national organizations that BID, Inc can put into our database to support our Battles in Distress.  You will be asked to talk to every level of resources available across the country and some examples are financial assistance centers, local VA centers, local VFW’s, food banks, churches and other institutes that will be able to assist our Battles when we need to send them to a resource.

Fundraising/Event Coordination – We are looking for individuals that can help promote and hold events on behalf of BID, Inc across the Nation.  Should have a Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred, 3 years experience in event coordination, fundraising, program development or related field. Must have excellent sales, presentation, project management, leadership, team-working, organizational, computer and oral and written communication skills. Experience working with Volunteers, budgets, soliciting, prospects and donors and the ability to interface with board members, volunteers, and donors is required. Create concept for each event, establish venue, entertainment, ambiance, theme, food and beverage, auction items, and gifts.  Draft correspondence and coordinates appropriate solicitation mailings.  Manage all staff schedules/logistics.  Keep events under budget.  Must have proven ability to supervise a team and delegate tasks related to the project’s completion.

Graphic Designer – We are looking for Graphic Designers to embody the BID, Inc mission, vision and intent into visual posters that will be displayed on our Facebook page, web page, Twitter and Linkedin plus other social media platforms.  Must be familiar with Adobe CS4 or later and have some kind of portfolio/web page to send for review of past work.
IT/Development/Tech – BID, Inc is ever changing how we use social media as a platform for what we do but also revolutionizing the technology capabilities out there.  We are looking for high speed technology experts to be on the team and bring BID, Inc into the next generation of technology.  Must have an in-depth understanding of how the internet works and how things are connected.  Ability to use advanced Google queries to location of information and resources.  General understanding of the full “Ticket Process”, from customer inquiry, to research, response, and resolution.  General understanding of how to use common open source software.  Ability to adapt to and learn new software with ease, general to advanced knowledge of e-mail setup, e-mail clients and how e-mails work.

Marketing/Social Media – The Marketing/Social Media team works with the management team to develop the communication plan, entails identifying public policy issues relevant to the organization.  Be able to develop, implement, and evaluate the annual communications plan across the network’s discreet audiences in collaboration with BID, Inc’s team and constituents. Lead the generation of online contact that engages audience segments and leads to measurable action.  Have a minimum of Bachelors’ in Marketing or similar area of specialty.  Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.  High energy, maturity, and leadership with the ability to serve as a unifying force and to position communications discussions at both strategic and tactical levels.  Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial; enjoys creating and implementing new initiatives.

Liaisons – These individuals will be the conduit between BID, Inc and government programs.  These volunteers will be on the groundwork of creating, adjusting and implementing policies and procedures.  Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and relationship skills with a strong customer service orientation.  Must possess a friendly and professional speaking voice with strong phone etiquette skills, positive and energetic attitude, and strong desire to meet goals and commitments. Must be proficient in MS Office, experience navigating the VA and other Government programs, must be a Veteran.

Grant Finders/Writers – We are looking for Volunteers to help BID, Inc get funding for research, support our activities and technology resources to run BID, Inc.  Must have successfully obtained funding from a wide variety of sources (national, family foundations, corporate foundations) and the amount of $$ successfully brought in. As far as finding funding opportunities, a good person needs to be familiar with the databases to find funders, be intelligent enough to find the opportunities that fit BID, and be able to clearly communicate how and why a funder is a good fit for BID and vice versa. Someone who can 1) building relationships with the executive director or person who screens the applications, 2) being able to clearly communicate the mission of BID, 3) being able to illustrate how funding BID benefits them, and 4) being able to listen and accept feedback from the funder/corporation. The communication and rules of engagement follow a lot of the more formal, respectful kind of communication of our parents’ generation in most cases.